Activity 8 Public Conferences and Publications Promoting Most Efficient Law Reforms and Social Changes

workshop-745017_640The objective of this activity is to facilitate cross-sector engagement and constructive exchanges in order to advance the process of environmental justice in Thailand. 2 conferences will be held in Bangkok in the 2nd (2016) and 3 rd years (2017) of the project.

Key participants of the conferences will include approximately 200 legislators, high-ranking officials, policy makers, civil societies members, scholars, communities and the media. In addition, 2 different researches will be conducted and to be employed as topic of discussions of the forums. flowers-747206_640The topic of the researches are 1) industrial pollution, which is the main agenda for working area in the Eastern and the Southern Region, and 2) natural resources management and land rights disputes, main issue in the Northern region. The research will act as a guideline for CSOs and the state in future law reforms and policy changes.

clasped-hands-541849_640This action will strengthen cooperation between CSOs and state in order to increase state compliance and recognition of community rights.